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We Are I&O


The Indoor and Outdoor Furnishing company was established in 2014 under the Home Guide Inc. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing back the basics in transforming houses into homes. From delivery, to installation, and even modes of payment, we made sure that our customers can order, purchase, and acquire their desired furnishings without any inconvenience.


We are trusted by individuals, families, and property developers to fit their homes with our sophisticated and stylish furnishings ensuring that they receive a maximized and beautiful home.


I & O’s main purpose is to meet the growing furnishing demands of new homes and home improvement markets. As a new venture, we aim to be the premiere furniture store that caters to all the home improvement needs of our customers.


Soon, we will be growing our products to become the household name of the home-furnishing industry.


Our Products and Services


When it comes to our products, we make sure that our highly-trained team brings to you only the finest quality furniture to make your house livable and comfortable. All our tastefully designed products were created to make sure that each family’s basic furnishing needs are met and that it turns what was once an empty house into a lovely home.


We also make sure that we provide you the tools to easily gain your home’s basic furnishing needs such as our installment plans and referral programs.


Our Team


I & O understands that everyone’s dream is having a personalized homespace of his own. Our team is composed of professional designers that continuously generate highly functional, modern, durable and high quality furnishing solutions.


I & O values modern technologies that would make designing and ordering products more efficient for our customers. Our highly trained engineers facilitate and ensure all onsite requirements and quality inspections. Field workers in our team are trained to maintain the desired quality of worksmanship while providing quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.


From start to finish, our customer can rest assured that all their home improvement needs are being addressed by the best trained professionals and experts.


Our partners and suppliers


We work hand-in-hand with local and international suppliers to ensure the delivery of quality products. All raw materials and hardware are carefully selected to ensure that our products are of the best quality. By working closely with our suppliers, we utilize the latest technologies and materials which bring a brighter future to our customers’ homes and opens an infinite amount of possibilities for our products.


We go the extra mile for our customers! Our financing partner allows our customers to purchase our products under friendlier terms. With competitive rates, speedy processing and approval, I&O sees this partnership as essential to provide only the best for our customers.

The I&O Dream

We aim to provide the highest quality home improvement products and solutions together with flexible mode of payments that would definitely fit the budget of our customers. In Indoor and Outdoor, our customer’s comfort is what we value the most.

You may visit our store and showroom at 2nd Flr. The Square, Lancaster New City, Imus, Cavite.


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